Price $399.00

Motorcycle racing games are exceptionally prevalent on all App Stores. In the event that you need to distribute the diversion and get a lot of downloads- this amusement is the right decision. Player rides on chopper and must maintain a strategic distance from activity autos. Each one escaped auto gives score focuses. Player must ride the extent that he can. This game is also a fantastic way to earn some money as an extra work and if you look for the same, we are here to offer you the source code to develop this game and customized it with your own version.
• Complete C# Scripts (source code)
• Traffic cars models
• Complete art assets
• Advance motorcycle model
• Earn good score points and avoid traffic car
• Infinite highway track
• Keyboard input as well as touch input
• Beautiful 3D graphics
• Optimized for mobile devices and also ready for the iOS8

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