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Circle flow is a fantastic and fun IQ testing application. It has been developed for iPhones and iPads. It’s really fairly modest – all you have to ensure is to slide the rows till they are in accurately the similar site on the board as they are in the showing. At first it’s very simple, but it gets gradually complex from level to level. You’ll soon be addicted on trying to resolve the puzzle and become a Circle Flow fan. It has features includes 3 Inapp purchases, Chartboost, Revmob, Gamecenter support. It is very simple to reskin. It offers full 24/7 maintenance if you have queries or issues.



How smart are you? How high is your IQ? Circle Flow will put your gray cells to the test!

It’s really quite simple – all you have to do is to slide the rows until they are in exactly the same position on the board as they are in the preview. At first it’s very easy, but it gets slowly trickier from level to level. You’ll soon be hooked on trying to solve the puzzle and become a Circle Flow addict! Optimized for iOS8

200 levels (you can add more if you like to) are waiting to be conquered. A must-have download for fans of mental gymnastics who like games such as mahjong and sudoku and other puzzles or Match 3 games.

This game has:

  • 3-In-App-Purchases (Remove Ads, Skip Level, Unlock All Levels)
  • Chartboost, Revmob and Vungle
  • Gamecenter support
  • Universal App (runs on iPod, iPad, iPhone)
  • Thumbnails of levels are generated by the app automatically in real time
  • Easy-To-Use Level Editor, but you can also let the app generate levels randomly
  • “More Apps”-Button (you can use GeoRiot if you like)
  • Detailed documentation
  • Very easy to reskin
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