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Price $399.00

If you are an enthusiast above bike racing, and wants to earn money by owning such an app, then buy our city rider source code package and make it customized as desired. It is one of the extreme bike racing game, which yields unlimited fun and thrill of bike racing. It’s a quick-paced speed bike racing that demands better controls over the moves. You can enhance your dirt and effort racing experience level of racing continuously for a longer time period and getting scored high. Earn more and more coins to unlock the bikes of your choice.
This code package can be customized and made alike the original one. It is played in the similar way of original one, simply tilt either left or right to move, and tap to accelerate. It has an amazing UI, and is simple to customize.



Enjoy the unlimited bike racing fun. It’s a fast-paced speed moto racing with good controls. You can increase your dirt and drag racing experience level by racing for long time and scoring high. You need coins to unlock the other bikes.



  • Tilt to move left or right.
  • Tap to accelerate.


  • Cool UI
  • Easy to customize
  • StartApp supported ( StartApp banner and interstitial)
  • Infinite Racing Gameplay
  • Support Android 2.0+
  • Obstacles – Car, RoadBlock, Trucks
  • Background Music and Sounds
  • Technology: Accelerometer
  • Leaderboard.
  • Google analytics integrated

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