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One of the most loved and most advanced source code that best suits as the iOS template is Flappy Blueprint. We know most of you think the Flappy Blueprint was over? We are happy to inform all android users that we are going to introduce one of the latest and advance version of Flappy Blueprint app nearly a month ago.
This app is also an excellent way to earn money. So, if you want make some money, get the source code of one of the top android game that list of all reskinner out there.
Optimized for iOS 8, Collect coins when you fly, Rate functionality, Toggle Music and Sound FX on/off and many more.




Flappy Blueprint Two is our most advanced and most loved source code just yet.

We have built it from the ground up with Cocos2D and SpriteBuilder.

Besides the awesome features you are used to from Flappy Blueprint 1.x.x here are some of the new ones in this newest version:

  • support for iOS8, iPhone6 and iPhone6+
  • support for Done
  • local notifications
  • pause system
  • users may share a screenshot of the gameplay



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