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Are you a real enthusiast and very much like to play racing games? If so, Hill Climb Race is the perfect one for you! This is one of the android device app that are presently in huge demand of the android users. Even if you want to earn some extra money you can use source code of this game and customized it according to your own version and allow it to try and play for the other user. Car Racing Game Hill Climb 4×4 is a totally enthralling, full of excitement and free mountain off-road car game, with most dangerous and adventures 10 mountains levels to beat and win the champ title.
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• One of the fantastic 3D Game,
• Dirty tracks and very dangerous mountains to clear the level!
• Excellent engine sounds and sound effects!
• Powerful turbo engine in car!
• Realistic car physics function to control your car!
• Lots of excitement and fun!



Here we are with our brand new game Hill Climb 4×4
Are you into racing games? If so, this will be the perfect game for you!
Car Racing Game Hill Climb 4×4 is a totally free mountain off-road game, with 10 mountains levels to beat. Can you make it to the finish point?

You can make our hill climb game off road game, parking game etc…



  • Car Racing Game Hill Climb 4×4
  • Accelerate and brake with right side of screen
  • Control directions with the left side


  • Car Racing Game Hill Climb 4×4 3D Game
  • Very dangerous mountains and dirty tracks to beat!
  • Powerful turbo engine in your car!
  • Excellent sound effects and engine sounds!
  • Realistic car physics engine to control your car!
  • Lots of fun and excitement!

Car Racing Game Hill Climb 4×4 is compatible with all the Android 2.1+ systems.
If you have any problems with installation – please report them to us. We’ll try to fix it as soon as possible.
The game is suitable for all ages.
Check it out!

Features and Requirements

Unity 3D


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