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Hotel App is one of the built-in iOS apps that will assist you build a full app for a hotel within minutes.
This package is quite easy to use, simply configure XML, create and run your own app. It is such an app which is completely related to hotel, it allows to include a photo as well as video gallery, news from RSS feeds, booking form, interactive map and location, support 4G retina graphics.
This Hotel app is easily configurable over the XML property list, so it’s quite easy to describe every small detail without even programming knowledge. The 5 main views included in the tab: About, Contacts, Gallery, Reservation and latest News.



Hotel App is a native iOS project that will help you build a complete app for a hotel in just few minutes.

Now Available for iOS 6.0

Application is ready for build and upload to iTunes store.

Application features:

  • easy to use, configure XML, build and run
  • about hotel
  • photo gallery and video gallery
  • news from rss feed
  • reservations form
  • interactive map
  • retina (4G) graphics support
  • and much more…

Hotel app is configurable over property list (XML), so it’s easy to define everything without programming knowledge.

Application use tab navigation with five main views:

  • About
  • Gallery
  • News
  • Reservation
  • Contacts

About is first view that user see and this view display headline image and text about hotel.

Gallery view show images and video about hotel. Each image will zoom to larger size after user taps on it and zoom out on another tap.

News view use RSS reader to display news, tap on each will open separate view to display full text defined in selected news.

Reservation allows user to define several options that will display price and after user fills data this view will send this data on mail or to API (depending how you configure this view).

Contacts view display contact information about hotel with location on map.

Property list (XML) configuration

Project is easy to configure with property list (XML) without any need to know programming. This file is named config.plist can be found in folder Supporting Files.

For most tabs available in application there is equivalent dictionary type item (About, Gallery, Reservation and Location). Since all tabs have different layout same differences are reflected in this property list.

About dictionary is simple, you need to add three strings, named text, image and title. Title and text strings are used to present general information about your hotel, and image string shoud contain image file name to be used on the same screen.

Under Gallery dictionary you need to create two arrays, imagesAndTitlesItems and videosItems.

  • Under introImagesNames you will need to add image names of image files that you will add to the application separated with desired titles. Image names and titles should be of string type.
  • Under videosItems you will be adding video files names, also string type.

Under Reservation dictionary you will need to create an array named roomCategories and fill it with items that represnt each category your hotel provides.

Category is dictionary type and it contains categoryPrice and categoryName strings.

Contacts dictionary consists of two main elements:

  • contactInfo
  • locationItems

contactInfo is dictionary type and it should contain strings that with contact information (email, telephone, title, message, address, postOffice and webPage).

locationItems is array type item with locations stored in dictionary types. Each location item should consist of two string type items (title and address) and two number type items (latitude and longitude)

Please keep in mind that ordering of items under array types is important, since it is used to order those items when displayed in running application.

XCode project overview

Project requires following frameworks:

  • CoreGraphics.framework
  • Foundation.framework
  • MapKit.framework
  • MediaPlayer.framework
  • MessageUI.framework
  • UIKit.framework

In project supporting files you’ll find MBProgressHUD class, used to display spinning wheel while networking action is in progress. Other networking groups are RSS and JSON, used to download news feeds and upload reservation request to given server.


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