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There are billions football fans over the world and if I am not wrong, you are also one of them. But because of very hectic time schedule doesn’t get a single chance to enjoy the king of sports “Football Game”. Now need to get upset if you missed any single league or premier, we are very much pleased to inform that Live-score Football 5 Leagues in 1 Android App is the one that can give you all this thrilling and fantastic experience of Football.
Even if you want to earn some money you can become the users and buy live-score soccer source code which have the 5 most-viewed leagues- La Liga, Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga, and Lique1. So you can organize your one league and can invite people to play.




Football is the king of sports. There are millions football fans over the world. They will become your users if you buy our live-score soccer source code which includes the 5 most-viewed leagues: Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and Lique1. This provides Live score, Auto update and Push notification enable football fan be updated in minutes. Moreover, the live data is automatically got from feeds without admin’s interference, everything is automatic. The source code is reusable every year’s season just after small modification. I myself will update this source code before every new season.

Features and Requirements

Save cost by 5 Leagues in 1 App

  • 5 leagues in 1 app: Premier League, La Liga, BundesLiga, Seria A and Lique1
  • Discount by 550$ source code to ONLY $200 (from $150×5=$750 if buy separately)
  • Require ONLY 1 host for the backend for all
  • Require ONLY 1 xmlsoccer license for all
  • I will update this source code every year before new season comes

App Features

  • Select league: user can select 1 of 5 most-viewed league to watch
  • Standing: see all teams’ points, played matches, win, lose, draw, goal differences in one glance
  • Each team information: display team detail information such as manager, current points, website, …
  • Schedules: list of matches are grouped by Team and Round. The time is converted to the current device Time zone.
  • Reminder: Alarm before matches.
  • Live score: match detail with live events updated automatically: score, yellow/red card, substitution, penalty, own goal, …
  • Automatically: every data is updated automatically from (data-feed provider) therefore, you do not have to input data manually.
  • Match line up: with players name, number and their position.
  • Top scorer: top 10 scorer
  • News: read from RSS news relating to the league
  • Push notification for any score changes, for each team selected
  • Admob integrated


  • Backend: PHP 5.3+, CronJob, My SQL with a good host to handle multiple requests
  • Live score feed: you have to buy your own licence from (€90 / year)

How to Setup and Reskin

Backend Set up

  • Buy XMLSoccer license to get API Key
  • Set up backend by upload PHP source code to host. Each league to each folder
  • Set up cronjob for each league
  • Set API key
  • Set up GCM account (Google Cloud Message) for Push notification
  • Upload pem to each folder (detail in each documents)

App Set up

  • Set up API link


  • Reskin (change color, font, backgound image) easily
  • Change language easily in XML file (including change Team name)
  • Change admob key
  • Change xmlsoccer API key
  • Deployment
  • Add or Remove features

All details are in documents

Why Project Template?

ProjecTemplate is a TRUSTFUL brand of mobile app source codes and outsource/offshore development services:

  • Available customer support to fix bugs
  • Available for customization, re-skin
  • Response within 24 working hours
  • Continues improvement


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