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Make it Rain: The Love of Money is free to play application but does offer Inapp buying of different kinds. You can deactivate in-app purchases in your iOS system or iPad settings. It’s an unbelievably ingenious game, too modest and too cool and too firm and too fun. It has countless features inclusive of Admob integration, Flurry Integration, Chartboost integration, Facebook integration, Twitter Integration, Google plus Integration, In-app purchases. It also provides support for re-skin and any modifications you require. It offers support till you acquire the code up and using. You can re-skin this simply. If you want a part of popular games, here is the chance don’t miss it.




How fast can you make it rain?

Top charts ios game is in your hands now, you can reskin this easily. If you want to know what the Top Grossing games on the App Store are doing then YOU WILL LOVE THIS SOURCE CODE. Wanna be a part of successful games,here is the opportunity don’t miss it.

Swip to make money.

Business Investment.

Financial Investment.

Political Investments

Local notifications for Bucket Full

Inapp Purchases.


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