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The Restaurant App Template is one of the best native iOS Project Source Code for every iPod and iPhone that will assist greatly in building a complete App with certain best features and menu options for a restaurant in within few minutes.
This App is quite easy to use by configuring XML, simply build and run. It consists of a welcome slider with high quality pictures, and several menus and news views. The best part is that people can easily reach the restaurant using the map that depicts the exact location. It also allows to custom tab as well as navigation bar. Even the latest 4G retina graphics are supported by this app.



Restaurant App Template is a native iOS Projetc Source Code for iPhone and iPod that will help you build a Complete App for a restaurant in just few minutes.
Application features and description

Application features:

easy to use, configure XML, build and run
welcome slider with images
menus and news views
map with locations
share to social networks
send mail for reservations
retina (4G) graphics support
custom navigation bar
custom tab bar
and much more…

Restaurant application is configurable over property list (XML), so it’s easy to define everything without programming knowledge. When user starts application list of images will be shown in slider view.

When user tap image main menu will show up in table view where each row have its own image, title and subtitle that are read from property list (XML). Tap on each row opens separate view where user can see full image, read text about it and user can share this info on Facebook and Twitter.

On second tab user can see news that are also displayed in tableview. Each news have its separate view with image, detailed text and share options.

Reservations tab alllow user to define several parameters and send inquiry about reservation on mail. When user fills required data and press button send mail composer will appear and data will be populated in mail.

Location tab display Google map with locations defined in property list (XML). You can define as many locations as you like.
Property list (XML) configuration

Project is easy to configure with property list (XML) without any need to know programming. This file is named config.plist can be found in folder Supporting Files.

For each tab available in application there is equivalent dictionary type item (Menu, News, Reservation and Location). Since all tabs have different layout same differences are reflected in this property list.

Under Menu dictionary you need to create two arrays, introImagesNames and menuItems.

Under introImagesNames you will need to add image names of image files that you will add to the application. Image names should be of string type.
Under menuItems you will be adding menus. Menu is dictionary type and its nodes are title, overview, imageName and description, all of string type.

News dictionary is similar to Menu dictionary. The difference is that you should add only one array type item named newsItems, which is configured in a same way as menuItems under Menu dictionary.

Under Reservation dictionary you will need to create only one string type item named description. Location dictionary is similar to News dictionary. The difference is that its array type item needs to be named locationItems, and each location item should consist of two string type items (title and address) and two number type items (latitude and longitude)

Please keep in mind that ordering of items under array types is important, since it is used to order those items when displayed in running application.
XCode project overview

Project requires following frameworks:


In project supporting files you’ll find ShareKit SDK, classes from that group are used to establish communication between this application and social networks (Facebook and Twiter).

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