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This Solitaire Games bundle includes all source codes with user friendly graphics to install and run an app of solitaire on iOS. Enjoy about 70+ solitaire games with Game select screen, Hints, preview and autoplay Infinite undo animations of Smooth card. It Supports cards drag and drop or simply a mode of select and move. Color schemes Timing as well as scoring. It supports orientations like landscape and portrait. It is compatible with ipad, ipad-mini and ipad. Experience Relax mode that makes the game easy to play and win. You need to select an appropriate cardset depending on the orientation and resolution of a screen.



This Solitaire Games package includes all source codes and basic graphics to run and deploy a solitaire app on iOS.
70+ solitaire games Game select screen with preview Hints and autoplay Unlimited undo Smooth card animations Supports drag and drop cards or a simple select and move mode. Color schemes Timing and scoring Supports portrait and landscape orientations Supports iphone, ipad, ipad-mini

Relax mode. This mode makes the game faster to play and easier to win.


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